President's Day

Doug Speaks Out In Honor Of Our Great Leaders

In our popular culture it has become “Presidents’ Day,” a holiday celebrating all of our presidents but in actuality it is a federal holiday declaring the third Monday in February as a day to honor our first president, George Washington. 

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Fourth Of July

Celebrate Independence Day wIth a look at our national history

Which three presidents died on the Fourth of July?  John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.  Adams, the second president and Jefferson, the third president, died on the same day in 1836.

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State Of The Union Address

Doug Wead discusses the history of the State of the Union address

The State of the Union address, in which the president speaks to a joint session of congress, has become an annual event taking place in January.  The U.S. Constitution states in Article II, Section 3 that the president must periodically give congress a report on the “State of the Union.”  This appearance has become the ritual fulfillment of this Article of the Constitution.  

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Mother's Day And Father's Day

Doug Wead on how the parents of the presidents shaped their lives

Most presidents were Mama’s boys with an absent father.  How and why has this formula been repeated throughout history?  Some of the world’s greatest and most terrible leaders, from Washington and Jefferson to Hitler and Stalin, follow this pattern.  

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Doug Wead speaks at business events around the world

Since 1968 Doug Wead has spoken in soccer stadiums, coliseums, universities and hotel ballrooms in more than forty five countries worldwide.  More than 11 million copies of his cd’s and tapes have been distributed, translated into thirty languages. He has spoken to capacity crowds at many of the world’s largest venues including the Hoosier  Dome in Indianapolis, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Bercy in Paris, Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. 

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Presidential Elections

Doug Wead takes you inside the Presidential Elections.

Doug Wead has been a part of eight presidential contests, writing the campaign biography for the Reagan team in 1980, co-authoring with George H.W. Bush, a campaign biography for the 1988 contest, serving as coalitions director and writing strategy papers for many other campaigns and most recently serving as senior adviser to candidate Congressman Ron Paul.

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