The Parents Of Our Presidents

What Is It Like To Raise A Future Commander-In-Chief?

Doug Wead is interviewed by Shannon Bream of Fox News on Fathers’ Day. Wead tells the story of Gerald R. Ford whose biological father was abusive. His stepfather gave the baby a new name and a new life and he grew up to be president.

What did Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, Clinton, Hitler, Stalin and so many other powerful men, good and bad, have in common? Absent fathers. Brett Baier of Fox News interview Doug Wead, author of The Raising of a President

How do the two Bush presidents compare as fathers and sons? What can we learn from the relationship? Doug Wead is interviewed by Shannon Bream of Fox News. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, father and son, both presidents.

Parents Of presidents? There are books on the fathers of the presidents and many books on the mothers of the presidents but this work, The Raising of a President, was the first study on both parents and how they impacted the lives of the young men who became our nation’s chief executives. ¬†What did these parents have in common? What did they teach their children? Some fascinating trends emerge when you connect the dots.

Doug Wead

Mothers Day news? How about this? Most of America’s presidents are certifiable mama’s boys. Historian, Doug Wead offers the results of his research from his 20 years of studying First Families. Information taken from his book The Raising of a President: The Mothers and Fathers of Our Nation’s Leaders.

Soldedad O’Brien, Roland Martin and John Berman of the CNN morning show, Starting Point, quiz presidential historian, Doug Wead, about former president George H.W. Bush and the re-release of his book.

President Obama, like many other presidents, was abandoned by his father and yet he processed it differently than many would, “choosing greatness over bitterness.” Presidential Historian, Doug Wead is interviewed by Shannon Bream on Fox News.

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