Presidential Families

The Importance Of Family In Any Great Leaders' Life

Wendell Goler interviews presidential historian Doug Wead and former WH Dep. Press Secy. Scot Stanzel on the Fox News, 7-16-10. Senator Mitch McConnell is featured.

Interesting CNN interview with Doug Wead about the Bush dynasty at the swearing in ceremony for George W. Bush’s second inauguration. Is there a Bush dynasty? Doug Wead is the author of All the Presidents Children.

John “Jack” Schlossberg, JFK’s only grandson and son of Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador to Japan, becomes the hottest new Kennedy. Andrea Mitchell produces this segment on the Today Show, December, 2013. Historian Doug Wead, author of All the Presidents Children, is interviewed.

Doug Wead interviewed on Laura Bush. In January, 2005 she registered the highest positives of any first lady in history.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who hosted the first Charity Awards at the White House, wins the Mercy Corps LIfetime Award

Michelle Obama as a mother? Doug Wead is interviewed about the Obama White House and the family. How have other First Ladies tackled the job as mother. Michelle Obama comes of good in this account. Doug Wead is a presidential historian.

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